Monday, June 4, 2007

Just came back from the civil service club chalet. Kinda Boring except for that dance machine there. Loved it that i spent at least thirty five dollars on that machine but i still love it. After SJAB training in school i went straight there and the whole time i was there i had leg cramps so i was walking around like some kind of stupid old limping. Listening to Goong song perhaps love. Love that song i'm repeating it again and again. Anyways i'm reading this fanfiction called 'The Dragon of Hogwarts' it's a Blaise/Hermione Pairing i think they make a good couple. Fatima Likes dramione and i like Blaise/Hermione and the rest of our friends are completely clueless when we start talking about fanfiction...,

Anyways CIAO!!


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