Wednesday, December 12, 2007

...I'm Back...

Very sleepy now. The weather is perfect for a short nap but for me i can't have a short nap without sleeping for six hours straight.

Played audition just now...saw the guy WingedMatt but i call him matty from st patty cause he says he won't tell me what his school is so i just call him that and he's like i'm not telling you...oh well

Reading fanfic till my eyes are dry and i can't blink i'm kiddin don go calling the ambulance for me...wait you guys are mean you would probably enjoy me dying am i right?

LOL! okay i off to go put eye mo in my eyes and then reading more ciao then ppl..

Stacy Kessler

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I'm totally slacking off and time seems to move really really slowly. Drake & Josh is on nickelodeon right now and it's really boring i've watched this episode before...haizzzz

Reta and Shannon's wedding is going to be on the 22nd December so like until then i'm going to be really bored.

Here's some pictures i nvr posted...

Shanna and Lee Anne

My Clique XDDD

Well i'm off to go moaning at my sisters at how bored i am and maybe i'll probably update tmw again...

Well signing off..

Stacy Kessler

Friday, December 7, 2007


lol haven't updated in a very long time cause i was busy doing nothing. Okay maybe not nothing. I've been playing Audition and last sunday was my sisters birthday and all her badminton friends came. On saturday it was a small family gathering...okay maybe not exactly small if you have to say cause there was like too many people running around to count.

Soooo..Anchal and Tyra got into sports school, i feel so jealous but at the same time so thankful cause they have like two to three trainings every week and everyone knows i am a lazy bum when it come's to CCA.

Well they were on and on about some scandal between a guy named nicholas and some other girl and another girl named audrey which kinda confused me cause there are so many people in the picture and they kept adding more people to the whole story so i totally tuned out after the first fifteen minutes.

After the talking we went to the beach. So fun!! We were like running away from the tides and people kept staring at us looking at us like we were It was fun though seeing as it's one of the last times seeing them...i tink...maybe not...okay sorry if i'm so confusing it's just in my nature.XDDD

Well then doing nothing kinda helps...been going for guitar lessons so cool the teacher he's like damn fast but we actually get what he's talking about and we're actually quite fast we learnt all six strings in five lessons...=DDD

okok i'm probably boring you now so ciao!!

Stacy Kessler

Monday, November 12, 2007

haizz...well just came back from batam and guess what i came down with the flu there. I told my parents i am never going to any other country outside of singapore even if my life depended on it.

Last year when my family went back to phillipines for a visit i caught the flu which stuck to me for a whole week and on that week i was totally missing out on all the fun.

Batam...well first two days went smoothly. I went parasailing and also jet skiing. Both were kinda nice. I mean the jet skiing part was more on the hilarious side...i hit into a bouey and i was like 'that porbably shouldn't have happened.'. Only on the last day then i got sick so well not that bad but on the way back the sea was like really chalky cause it was raining quite heavily and the ferry was like moving this side that side and guess what happened...i threw up.

Haizz...what a day. Today's that class chalet the whole class has been planning since i don't know when and i'm quite excited though i'm kinda weirded out seeing as the teachers are going to be there cause theywere invited. It's like seeing rhino's walking on two feet in the middle of tampines mall. So out of their habitat.No offense of course.

Well i'm gonna be meeting clarissa at WS at 2pm so we can go and hunt for that chalet well ciao then

Signing off,

Stacy Kessler

Friday, October 19, 2007

<---(click here)lol found this on cute larh.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

well today was somewhat boring at the very same time quite tiring considering that i woke up earlier than usual time. Charlene needed to go earlier and i needed to get a new notebook.

Wanted to get cosmetic contacts but didn't have enough money on me and when i came back i was too lazy to leave. So i wanted to get highlights but my mum said no and i feel like she's trying to control me so i don't go astray but this just makes me more irritated and i feel like leaving home...haizz why do i sound so emo right now??

Scooby Doo movie is on TV right now. Scrapy Doo has a really nasl voice for one. Don't like this freaking life everything's going wrong.

Well i think i'll be off now. Ciao

Stacy Kessler

Friday, October 12, 2007

YESS!!EXAMS ARE OVER IT'S TIME TO SIT BACK AND RELAX!! Okay now i'm really am kinda stupid seeing as i slacked throungh the whole things so it didn't really matter but since the exams are over i feel like a weight has been lifted.

All i have to do is to wait. For the results and then maybe i'll get killed cause i probably failed half of the eight subjects i had to do...haixx

Well now that the exams are over i start sleeping at one something in the afternoon so and waking up in the evening. Clarissa saysw i'm an owl oh well.

Stacy Kessler

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Officially Addicted. To a Song. By KT Tunstall. Hold On. It's totallt stuck in my head i mean i was humming it to myself while i was doing my history, geography and literature.

Three more papers to go till this whole freakin exam is done. Not that i'm complaining i mean i still get to play the computer i think my parents are the best. Clarissa's mum hid the computer cable so she can't use it and siying mum doesn't allow her but she still does slack when her father comes back from work.

Both my sisters are singing the you are the music in me. The version sang by sharpay and zac. So totally off. Well i have to go and study if i want to pass my math exams so bye

Stacy Kessler

Sunday, September 30, 2007

TOMMORROW EXAMS OH NO!!!lol actually i'm fine with that can't be the least bit bothered. okay maybe a little nervous but hey exams should be cancelled cause in one exam you chop down 150 trees and now i'm an

Joni introduced me to a new anime. Lovely Complex. Not really new but hey it's new to me isn't it? Bout this girl named risa, she's really tall like 172cm, which if you ask me isn't so quite tall, who fall in love with a guy who's like 158. Something like joni's romance i have to say.Lol. Good Luck with yours joni. Make the first move!

Well i'm watching it now and also writing this so i'll ne going back to watching it now. so ciao darhlings.

Stacy Kessler

Thursday, September 20, 2007

TODAY WAS LIKE BLACK THURSDAY REPEATED ON MY LIFE. My hands are hurting my head is throbbing and i am really panicked.

First hands hurting yea we were playing floorball then when playing, which was very really rough, yea sam went and hit me with the stick, by accident of course but it's really painful...waaaaahhh!!

Throbbing head. Homework, revision and unfinished projects that were due like a week before haiixxx.

Panicked you might ask why right. Mrs Joseph threathened to bring the case to the freakin police oh no!! what am i going to do i mean my parents don't even know anout it la i feel so freakin panicked. What if they find out their going to kill me and probably kill me.

0kay i'm bored so far. i am so freakin bored. Bye bye

Signing Off

Stacy Kessler

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Today only got me, stephanny and uncle kelly at home. Charlene went to church camp for her confirmation thingy. Dad and Mum went to this santa cruz retreat. Don't get things wrong my family isn't normall this holy wonder what happened

Listening to Aly & Aj's song Potential BreakUp Song..kind catchcy(sp?)

Slacking but i'm feeling really lazy and unfit my house is an absoloute mess with things like dust bunnies rolling around i should take my mum's advice and clear up my room.

Well ciao darhlings

Stacy Kessler

Friday, September 14, 2007

haixxx...i'm telling you this whole week has been like some kind of Korean Drama minus the number of guys cause in a girls school you don't have guys which is kinda obvious to everyone readin this.

Before all this happened, fatima wrote in her blog that all the projects we had, she had to do all by herself. I stare at it right now see that this is the bloody cause of the whole drama so i'm not pinning in on anyone...the person guilty in this senario will know who it is.

Okay Tuesday, Fatima says that she's gonna go to sleep right after she goes home and then cause she's free but she says she's going to mosque...won't anyone one the whole world think that's she lying i mean i did.

Wednesday, Siying tells everybody in the class what;s going on and fatima says we're talking behind her back but to add a fun note to this...we were literally behind she goes all coward-like and goes to miss marten and the whooole thing gets blown out of propotion and i get called to the principals office cause i was a witness or what not and i say what i think. Siying is crying and i can tell why she is but fatima, i think...repeat's an act.

Yesterday, she didn't come everything quieten down so nothing wrong goes arounf the class.

Today, siying tells me that on fatima's friends blogs they say that we're bullies and i say to siying..." How the heck did they find out" Siying replies "Must be fatima telling them" I say " they don't have the right to call us bullies at all i mean their not even from our school but hey that is so like her to stoop so low to get sympathy"

So tell me who do you think started all this fighting? Who's the bully and who's not. She thinks she royalty but hello this is life.,..not fantasy.

Signing off,

Stacy Kessler

Monday, September 10, 2007

Today first day back to school after a week long holiday. Day seemed to drag on and on especially during math dunno weather it's beacause it was the last period or just because i hate maths with passion...since hate is such a strong word.

My science group still hasn't completed the project so we asked for an extension to hand it up on friday since we couldn't get any camera's that anybody would lend us so right now i hope my guardian angel won't abandon

Dance last minute changes. Confused and still kinda dizzy. Well of to sleep and then have to do history and maths ciao

Sighning off

Stacy Kessler

Saturday, September 8, 2007 was my dance project rehearsal. It was really fun except we went in circles in TM to find stuff to take pistures of so my legs are probably going to cramp up tommorow.We finished the routine already only left the theory part of the project...

Posted a something you guys should read i find it really touching. It on the left right to the bottom you can see that really long paragraph there...go read it and if it's possible try reposting it...Found it on from 'Black-Rose23's account i find it really true...not that i'm gay or something but on second thought i can't be gay i mean...i'm a girl for gad's sake lol...well lightening up the mood.

Listening to Give it up to me by Sean Paul feat. keyshia cole. We're using this for the dance project if they don't change from it at the last minute so yea...

Well signing off,

P.S. for all those offended from the post thingy at the bottom...well it's knida true i mean you shouldn't be homophobic, god chooses who you fall in love with so just go with the flow

Stacy Kessler

Friday, September 7, 2007

Well this is my 51st post whoop for me...go me go me go me uh-huh-uh-huh-uh-huh *trips and falls* I'm okay no need to

Today had to go for SJAB. My legs are cramping and during the foot drills i had a sudden bout of stomach cramp like someone punceh me in the stomach, my friend says that maybe my 'soulmate' just got hit hard in the stomach in the stomach so i was like 'whaaa??' and she started to repeat it so i just took the chocolates in my hands and shoved it down her funny she went all diffrent colours. First kinda bluish cause she almost got choked then red cause she got angry at me and then even redder cause this guy she liked was staring at

I'm reading a PURE smut fanfic. Foursome. Three guys, one girl...i

Well sighning off

See you later wankers.

Stacy Kessler

Thursday, September 6, 2007

well today was...intresting i guess. My family had this family day out so it was kinda weird cause it was like in the middle of the week like thursday i mean come on?

Lol anyway my two younger sisters got their new handphone and right now i'm having a great time playing the computer while they 'explore' their handphones as they say

Haixx...i'm going to have to go for SJAB tommorow so i was like nooo!! why?!? I mean it's called school holidays for a reason i mean what does holidays mean to you. It means to stay at home infront of the computer or the tv while eating alot of junk food and have five hour talks with my cousins and chihuahua-ing friends well at least that what i think should happen i mean when everyone's so realxed you call, they think you want to talk so when you chihuahua them their going to be blur for at least half an hour until her brain catches on.

Well saw mr lee in TM today. Kinda horrifying cause i was like dragging my mum into the starhub store when she said she needed to go to the toilet so i rolled my eye and caught sight of him. Thought i saw him then i swung my head so fast that mr lee had his eyebrow arched.I waved and it went Well then kinda weird seeing a teacher out of his or her natural habitat.

Watched Evan Almighty, i tripped on the staircase in the theater spilled some on some strange guy and he was like laughing at me so i was like so embrassing...then i started laughing... i got up and said 'i'm okay' and then walked to my my freinds you might think 'Typical' but this was kinda embarasiing so when we go back to school you better console me.

So now i'm signin off.

Stacy Kessler

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Well it hink i've been doing a great job updating this blog so far. But only about fifty post so i guess it ain't that good but still i'm updating daily if things aren't so boring or if i have the time.

Today was my mum's organisation's family day. My dad didn't go cause he said it was too far away but i guess that's another way of saying get out of my face woman i'm trying to sleep here. Lol i guess i will never know. The family day thing was at Clarke Quay...i don't know if that's how you spell it but yea. Near thge singapore river. Some dude got pushed in when i was sitting at the steps near by and he was like shouting vulgarities to his friends behind me so i was like so frighten i started laughing which made him laugh as well...weird guy....

Well we had like vouchers for so many things but mummy used them all for herslf...not that like all the shops were that nice they were kinda suckish if you know what i mean.

Left went to TM where we went walking by the time we got back i guranteed myself i probably have leg cramps tommorow...haixx

Well sighning off

Stacy Kessler

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Watching A Bug's Life now. Got pop princess stuck in my head which is playing over and over again. Reading an Ashwinder fic right now.

Today me and Natalie had a twenty minute discussion on what i was supposed to do and where we were going to meet. We're gonna meet at my place on this coming friday where we'll do the dance theory and after about two and a half hours we're gonna go to Tampines Mall so we can take pics for the theory part of the project. Going to seventy-seventh street so we can but the props from there and picture of the store for the project.

I have another project. For science and music at lee anne's place on wednesday. I like her house it's big and really comfortable to do stuff like project cause we're gonna be sitting on the floor for more then five hours at least.

Well never knew secondary two had so many projects i mean mrs ng says there's gonna be more when we go into polythechnic so i was like...okay i am so not going to poly...maybe JC but she said it'll be even worst cause JC standard is like secondary but ten times worst.

Well enough of my whining,

Sighning Off,

Stacy Kessler

Friday, August 31, 2007

Today was so damn bloody hilarious. We had this teacher's day celebration and we got half a day and i was like YES!! I'M SO GONNA BE A TEACHER NEXT TIME. Lol the teachers were the best. They performed to the song We're all this together and they were like so...good?. I said it was pontetial blackmail material for my english, maths, history,Art, Re, Science teachers.

Yep anyway after the celbration me and fate like left for the tampines library and i borrowed three books. Vodka, Accidental It and i can't remeber the other

We were leaving the library and then fate saw a group of malays and she was like 'can we go the next bus stops' and i was like why? And she was like' for obvious reasons' and i have to tell her the reason wasn't that obvious i only got it when i reached home.

Right now listening to the teriyaki boys. Reading an ashwinder fic and push pop lol that was kinda sick...

Sighning off

Stacy Kessler

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today was i'm kidding mysewlf with using all this freakin big words. Don't know why i can't pull it off if glady's can i mean...come on... During Drama Mr Quah a.k.a Mr Lee's ex gay partner(if any of you all are redaing this...well lol!) Fixed my Printer...AT LAST!!

Had english enrichment today. Our class dead as usual. Except for aisha she's forever hyper maybe it's somekind of ADHD or something that mutated lol cause she's really how to say...jumpy?

People in my class said that the teachers went to the arcade and this is what i said. "I heard bout this like yesterday" Lol i think they catch on really slowly.

When to the nursing home today, couldn't find joanne, who is the psychologiost there... well at least i think it's a shrink lol. She had an off day today so there wern't any activities except for the usual mahjong in the room.

Oh yea just remebered somthing. Fate likes my cousin lol too good i wanna laugh then again they might be a perfect match considering how diffrent they are.

Sighning off

Stacy Kessler

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

There's something wrong with my Computer it's way too Lagg i think there's a virus so i guess i'll to run that fifteen minute search then i can't use the computer cause you play during the scan you have to close all other programes wonder why though.

During Dance class today we were like watching the second part of Honey. The ending was kinda abrupt so i was's not a happy ending aww Except for the part where the concert was like was s sucess.

Have to do this stupid english graded assignment which is due after the sept hols so i'm going to do it on the last minute like always.

During English class today i had to do that stupid speech and I got called up first so i was like 'Aww man i'm so cursed today' Called fate and the gang retarded and they kinda proved my point at the Cafe. Talking about aliens or something like

Reading a Fic on Ashwinder called 'His Infamous Red Quill' fOR SNAPE/HERMIONE shippers you have to read it and kinda inside out with hermione liking kinky romance books lol.

So anyways signing off

Stacy Kessler

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

listening to Miracle by Cascada. Playing Popomundo now you should play it's really addictive.

Music class watched Phantom of The Opera. I guess it's a nice storyline but kinda confusing especially for people like clarissa and lee anne who insist on asking me what was going on so i was like 'sssshhhh'. Asked Fate to lend me the Storybook so i can see what happenes in the end. Wished i went for the musical but mummy said the tickets were too expensive so....haiixxx

English class today was hilarious. Aisha had to read and she went 'la' ,'Lor' and even 'aiyoh which probaly lost us about what? Fifteen points. So after glady's was reading she was like reading her notebook saying all the big words...which were i might add so wrongly pronounced so we were all laughing and you should have seen Mr lee's face it was like so red it made me want to laugh some more.

Going to my uncle's mass cause it's the forthieth day since he passed away. Charlene's not going cause she's studying for the standard test that's tommorow so i was like 'I don't even study for those stupid test'. Stephanny can't go cause she failed her malay exam by one mark. Sad for her sia.

Signing Off


Monday, August 27, 2007

welll what can i say about today....haiixxx i feel like a duck and i also feel really really wet for the girls out there you should know what i'm talking about right? I mean we get monthly visits from them always painful...with the cramps and guys probably figured it out you now know how uncomfortable it feels.

Today Mr lee's class was so funny i laughed so much my sides hurt. There were questions like 'Do you wear lipgloss','Do you paint your nails?' or ' Do you use mascara' I was laughing way too much for it to be healthy.
Stacy sighning off

Ciao Darlings

Sunday, August 26, 2007

you know something....i have to keep reminding myself i have my blog but it never occurs to me until log off. Then i'll be in bed and i'll go 'Oh Shit forgot to update AGAIN!' Scare my sisters once when i said that out loud. They screamed i started screaming and then mum and dad come in and they ask us to shut

YAY!!Me and fatez are talking again...i'm so happy i could fly...on second thought i'm not THAT happy. Lol Listening to this cascada song forgot what the name was it's untitled...oh wait...i know it's ready for so forgetful i have to get myself a new brain...:p

Well right now i feel like a duck cause of my period. it's like really heavy and my stomach cramps that i got back at lee anne's house are back with a vengence...arrrggg...i don't see why other people don't get cramps but i have to get thier supposed pain times ten..

Anyway going to watch the fruit basket anime...i know fate you don like animes but i love them with all my heart lol

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Fel so horrible right now. Had this huge fight actually it wasn't a fight, she just said that by hanging out with Rachel i was betraying her trust so i was like WTF!

I mean seriously i have the right to choose the people i want to hang out with right? I mean seriously la i feel like strangling her right now...ARRGGHHH!!!

Listening to Bebot by the black eyed peas. I'm half philipino and proud of is the rest of my family.

Reading Fanfiction....bored la Nanny is on right now...i feeel like i'm losing brain cells lol

Sunday, August 12, 2007

okay its official i am now liking scorpious/rose ships....their so like cool cause scorpious could be rose's friend or could be worst enemy kinda cool!!!

Well in my aunts place in simei i think i just saw one of the campus superstar guys....well maybe not cause i don't watch that stupid show. No offense to the producers so don't go sueing me please. I mean i'm allowed to have my own opinions right?

Reading A rose/scorpious fic it's like absouloutly dreamy with rose having a brother and him walking in on them when scorpious 'accidentally' kissed too good.

Tommorrow is monday the end of the kinda long national day holiday still haven't finish my math homework on graphs...

Fatima chihuahed me yesterday. First time she called she shouted in my ears so i couldn't hear her so she called again but this time i said chihuahua to her it was kinda hilarious the way she tried to xall me back to swear at

Anyways signing off,


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This is boring. I'm stayiing at home feeling sick i think i'm having a relapse of that nasty bug. My heads heavy and my throat's sore. Help me through this please.

Yesterday went to school everybody teased me cause that stupid science teacher went around screaming where i was and now everybody says he likes me. I feel really freaked out by this.

Fatima won't stop going on and on about it. She says it's me and 'My Chemical Romance' welll this is really scary fell like changing school but sekali he come to that school than i know what my friends are telling the truth. Oh man i don't like science anymore.

There's this news on some murder on the tv the boyfriend is one of the suspects to the killing which is maybe why this is knida scary for me.

The nail polish i'm using is chipping feel like a bimbo right now talking about my chipping nail polish lol! Saw Fraser and some of his nerd-looking friends on the bus. Not my words my sisters.

Signing off


Monday, July 30, 2007

Just recovered from that nasty bug i had since friday though i still have that ache at the back of my eyes everytime i look sideways. At first i thought it was just a flu i caught from my sis. Turned out to be a throat infection. Nasty thing if you ask me. Seems like it spread to my stomach and yea i feel nauseas.

Listening to Rihanna's Shut Up and Drive. From her newest album. Good girls gone Bad. I think that's the kinda forgetful. There's this construction thingy happening on the seventh floor. I'm on the fifth and i can still feel and hear it.

I'm probably going back to sleep after this i think my fevers coming back. Can hardly keep my eyes open...waaaaahhhhh!!

Well ciao

Sighning Off


Thursday, July 26, 2007

Today was way tiring. Went to the skool libaray borrowed my fave book 'moon shadows' and this other book by danille steel. Thought she was a guy at first than saw a picture of her at the back of one of her books and i went like 'ooooo...didn't see that coming'

The waterwars in class have officailly started. It's like in thailand during the water festival...i mean even the aunty who came into the classroom got wet...Was laughing it off than chloe came and sprayed in my mouth. I asked her where the water was from she said the bathroom and i went like berserk. Used a tissue to wipoe my mouth which i might say is the worst thing a person could do...

Anyways going to Aunty Chris house for the prayers. Having pot luck...mummy probably bought like 50 pieces...

Found a new icon sit going to be posting icons like no tommorow so be prepared be very prepared

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today going aunty chris house for prayers for uncle benerd. Clarissa finally found my uncle's picture in the obituary(sp?). She was like abit hysterical laughing when i told her she found

Tyra most probably going also maybe that's why i'm going. Hope Timber come and jump on me when i go to the house. That dog is really big kinda scary but as they always say. It's bark is scarier than it's bite or something along the lines of that.

Reading a book called Soon Be Free by Lois Ruby. It's on my recomendation list you should seriously read it. Abt something like the firebird House sounds magical something like a phoenix.

Listening to Best Damn Thing now reading a dramione fic. Got to thank Fate for introducing it to me. Oh yea Lee anne you reading this? Sorry bout the hate entry...please forgive me don't be angry hor?

Stayed back for extra curriculom today threw a paperball into the ceiling fan it didn't rip like how i thought it would...Played tic tac toe wif clarissa she won and i feel so stupid...damn i suck.

Sighnig Off


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

You know my uncle i was tellin you abt who suffered from the stroke. He died a few days back i think it was a friday morning at abt 3.45 am. Been at the wake for the days after. Yesterday we went to the cremation. I feel so sorry for uncle benards family. Aunty Chris broke down when they had the short procession and at the cremation.

The mandai creamtorium is kinda scary if you aske have to past all these trees...imagine at night... *shudder*. The viewing hall was kinda big but our whole family and some of my cousins friends were there that it was filled to the brim. Okay i may be exaggerating abit but uncle benard had loads of freinds.

Anyways skipped school for friday and yesterday cause we were at the wake and then the cremation. Too much crying. Aunty Maureen, uncle benard's older sister, was pratically going hysterical...started crying myself.

Well i'm going to miss lame jokes and the way he calls me and my sisters names like stacy-malacie or my father joudy(sp?) which i think is a portugese word for anyways..



Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today was so horrid. Seems like me and the clique aren't getting back. You know the one time i go home with Rachel they call me a Traitor. Actually i don't mind anybody except for that dim witted lee anne. If your reading this lee deserve it. I mean you talk to her too you know?

Rachel and Shane and me went to the library today. Played com for awhile. Hoping Rachel will come with me and shane to the NLB this coming Tuesday. Shane wants to see the guys at the skatepark which myself find horrible looking just to be truthful.

Oh well listening to Click Five's Just the girl. Reading fanfic on ashwinder...AGAIN!

Lol anyway tommorow have SJAB. Wonder what we're gonna do now that jocelyn's the new CSM.

Anyways signing off,


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Today was alright i guess all the bad stuff balanced out all the good stuff...Haizz Today had a fight with fate now she's so angry with me i feel so bad...

Watched Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix yesterday together with rachel and two of her guy friends who were from her Student Care. The movie was so abstract lar. They skipped so many scenes from the book... i really wanted to see more about Snape's Memory. I think that the young guy so does not look like the older dude.

My class had this weird paperball war. Between Jackiie and Aisha. It's like world war

Anyways off to beg my dad to bring me with him to the hospital...



Friday, July 13, 2007

Today was Passing out Parade and i am all to thankful to Amelia and Ms Ros for letting me be the cameraman.. urm...woman. My platoon was probably standing there at sedia position for abt one and a half so sad for them. Audrey got the most outstanding Sec1 girl in the was too good. Should have seen her face it was like absolute terror and she was shivering as she recieved the price.
Wanted to go the hospital today but my god damn dad doesn't allow me. They're treating me like a kid again!!! They promised not to!! God i'm so fustrated!!!

Listening to Stupid Girls by Pink. It's actually very true. Whatsup wif the god damn bulimia and anorexia. They really are really stupid to think all guys go for outer body...okay wrong thing to say...ALL guys DO go for looks but seriously i find it stupid that girls should go to great lenghts just to impress guys...BIMBOTIC ATTACK!!!


Signing off....

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Couldn't update cause i was doing my homework...yet again...I'm behind already!!! Football on tv right now. I will never be able to get how my father and uncle enjoy this game. It's just a bunch of sweaty guys running around kicking the ball into goal post. Reading Ashwinder yipee!!Love that ship.

I'm bored...

My uncle right now is on Life support...last night his blood pressure dropped dangerously low that they had to give extra dosage...just got told abt this. Kids in my family nvr get information till it's really late. The hospital is saying that if tonight the blood pressure drops they'll just let him go. How is it they can do that?

Haixx...right now my heartbeat is beating at dangerous speeds. Thumping like wild.

Tommorow going to the hospital...IF he's still alife that is...


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today some weird Australian School came. I think it was Chrisholm College from Australia. All my friends were practically drooling over them. Okay...i was in the toilet and then this australian girl came out of no where and i thought exchange student. Then when i came out of the toilet one whole herd of band people came and i had to wait kinda long till i could get to class and read my storybook.
Fate said and i quote "Oh my god that president of the band is utterly delicious and fecking hot" whatever fecking

I tell you since their so boy crazy i don't see why they can't just go and to a mixed school it'd help evrybody since the others actually want to study.

Kinship is on...lynn stood yingjun up....YES!!!lol too good. hehe...

I'm really in pain i have and ulcer in my mouth and one of my tooth is coming out...wahhh i can't eat chocolate for now...NOOO!!

Signing off


Monday, July 9, 2007

Today after maths tutorial i went to the hospital met my dad there. Seems that my uncle's condition has stabilized. Hasn't changed much since my last visit. I wanted to go in but i have the flu and i might spread it to him and make his condition worst.

Rode in Uncle Roy's truck. Sat in the back the ride was all jerky that i kept falling off the chair...

Watched KinShip today...nothing much happened if you ask me. YingJun's still obssessed over Lynn and YuSheng is as clueless as ever.

Weell i gotta go


Sunday, July 8, 2007

Just came back from the church and hospital. My uncle is down with the fever right now. Scared me half to death to see my cousin and aunty eyes so red i don't think they had any sleep at night. Stayed at the hospital for abt one and a half hour cause i caught a bug and i can't go into the ICU cause i might cause an infection to the other patients.

Smsed Tyra today we going to TTSH together tommorow. Got extra-curriculum tommorow so we'll be a little late.

My handphone is still dead...

Few icons i found...

Signing off,
Yesterday stayed out till abt midnight at the hospital. My uncle had a stroke. Though his condition has stabilized it's still reeally critical. One of the surgeons told us there was a 50% chance he might die tonight or in the next few days. My parents,my aunt and uncles and my uncles son's were praying the rosary the whole time in the interview room. They said they couldn't operate because of the morphine which thinned the blood so if they operated there was chance he might bleed to death.

Anyways off the depressing subjects...met tyra at the hospital...tried telling them ghost stories but they ran off covering their ears going 'lalalala' lol stupid looking if you ask me that. T yra is my niece she's pri six this year. My generation the youngest is ten which is my siter and the oldest i think is 42 which is my godfather.

Well signing off,


Friday, July 6, 2007

Today, went to was really nice...especially the drills. All the turnings made me feel like i was serving NS or i'mma girl and i'm only 14. Victoria stained her skirt...felt so sad for her. But the thing i can't figure out is why evrybody's stain is so faded while mine is like really thick...

Came back and watched kinship. Yusheng and yingjun were in the bathtub together it was so sweet but then that b***h Lynn came into the picture.

Making a website for all the ships i read...making it together with shane...that is a girls name but she insist to be called by that name and i am yet to find out why...

Oh yea during math lesson today, me catherine,fatez,zoey, shanna and veronica were telling all the ghost stories we knew freaked me out i think i'm going be up for the whole night thinking what's going to come out from under my bed...or appear hanging the ceiling when i blink my eyes...

Well enough of that...

Ciao darhlings


Thursday, July 5, 2007

haven't updated in long time...had homework up to my knees...literally. The teachers are drilling us to see that we don't fail our streaming since we're in sec 2 and streaming is for us only talk about stressing...

My sisters watching stories of's really touching about this young boy and his the end it's a happy ending... you've got to love this kind of shows...

Well still got that pile of homework to do...



Friday, June 22, 2007

Yesterday went to bukit batok civil service nice almost drowned in the wave pool though...LOL! I drowned because evonne stood on my shoulder and her weight was like weighing me down so i couldn't come for a breathe.

Watching MTv the diaries of Christina Aguilera. I think that her story is like really inspiring being a star from such a young age. Ilove her song Hurt really sad vid. You guys should watch it teaches you not to take for granted your parents..

Bored right now...i was dancing on the Dance Dance Revolution. It's so much better than the one in the Changi civil service club...

Anyways off to read some other weird pairing fanfictions...


($+@Cy aka Cara)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Going to the bukit batok civil service club today with william and evonne. That place is heavenly it's got a really big arcade, a swimming pool with those scary loopey slides and also a bowling alley...

Don't feel like going but my parent took the day off so they could bring me and my sisters there. Haizzz...i wanna stay at home there's like only four day till school reopens...why?

Time flies when i'm slacking around...though half of me wants to go back cause i feel really unhealthy. I still got those muscle cramps..painful when i stand up and sit down...

When we were doing the footdrill we kept repeating sedia and senang diri cause some of my platoon mates were not foing 90 degrees toes point down...

To those who go to NS i really pity you you've got to suffer more than me and to me that's alot good luck in the camp some say they're haunted...

Anyways signing off

Stacy a.k.a Cara

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yesterday was the first of SJAB camp. Loads of fottdrill and nursing. Nursing was nice though but the footdrill we had to it again and again and it doesn't help that the timer is so

Today's supposed to be second day for the camp but i didn't want to go cause i had a bad stomach cramp and it hurt like shit so my mum said i could stay at home to rest..

Tommorow's the last day and thankfully it'll be over for this year...OH NO!!! next year still have wahhhh!!

Listening to Only Hope by Mandy Moore love it gives me inspiration for many of my many dramione spoils of war fics...

Anyways Sighning off


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Got back from chalet day before yesterday. Occasion...well i dunno i thought it was a childcare chalet that my aunt and uncle teach at or i think they teach there...i really don't know if you teach at a childcare...

Yea well they killed two birds with one stone on that day...their anniversary. So we were singing happy annivesary replacing the birthday with anniversary.. Retarded much i tell you...

Here's one of the pictures i took there my aunt my uncle and their son aka my couz

took it myself i think i did quite a good job don't you think?

Signing off

Stacy a.k.a Satay=)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

So excited!! Tommorow going to chalet and the arcade..i wanna play the parapara. Listening to Cheetah Girls Together we can okay it just finished lol...

Today was like any other holiday day. Wake up, wash up, play computer, sleep and then eat dinner, then family time than sleep again...ilike sleeping i mean which weirdo doesn't and i like chocolates..

Okay that was really random but i like chocolates...i mean ask anybody who knows me whenever i eat ice cream it'd be chocolate ice cream...

Yep that's about it i'm off


Tuesday, June 12, 2007

haizz....i'm so bored. I can't believe i'm going to say this but i'm actually missing going to school. I mean it so much better staying at home slacking..I feel so unhealthy. Listening to Only Hope by Mandy Moore.

The SJAB Camp is coming up soon an the 18th to 20th. Thank God it's a day camp and we don't have to stay in school. I don't like overnight camps especially in school. I mean i can hardly fall asleep at home imagine in school with the hard floor and Ghost stories that all my seniors tell me and the others before we fall asleep.

Read Fatez taggie and i saw some hate mail...wonder who did it...okay i admit it's gets kinda irritating everytime a person beats you in studies...but who's so mean to do that. She erased it and thank god for that. I think someone like Glady's or one of her sidekicks...we will never know...

Signing Off

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Guess what?? I was watching this show...wowowee and then there's this guy who proposed to his girlfriend...*sigh* so sweet i wish that happened to me getting propsed on national tv.

Anyways life is boring all that i'm doing is playing computer, eating and then sleeping. Holidays are so boring your flat broke but i'm looking foward to going to escape this coming tommorow...whoop...

I'm reading this Dramione fanfiction. Must say it's really intresting and i'm recomending it to all you guys. It's in search Parenting Class by Icypanther. Must say third time reading still not bored...

If you guys like playing RPG games you should go to

Signing off


Monday, June 4, 2007

Just came back from the civil service club chalet. Kinda Boring except for that dance machine there. Loved it that i spent at least thirty five dollars on that machine but i still love it. After SJAB training in school i went straight there and the whole time i was there i had leg cramps so i was walking around like some kind of stupid old limping. Listening to Goong song perhaps love. Love that song i'm repeating it again and again. Anyways i'm reading this fanfiction called 'The Dragon of Hogwarts' it's a Blaise/Hermione Pairing i think they make a good couple. Fatima Likes dramione and i like Blaise/Hermione and the rest of our friends are completely clueless when we start talking about fanfiction...,

Anyways CIAO!!


Friday, May 25, 2007

Today was parent teacher day...Mr tan talked with my dad and when i was there mr tan's hands were like shivering but he always does that so it's not new. He is new though so i guess that's his reason for being so shivery...Failed maths with 36% hope i;ll do better next time.

Saw Clarissa when we were in the meeting room with her mother and younger sister who was outside. Waved her when i was leaving.

Saw fatima in the waiting in the waiting room with her father jumped up and down and started waving at her. Father shot me a weird look haizzz.

That's all...