Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yesterday stayed out till abt midnight at the hospital. My uncle had a stroke. Though his condition has stabilized it's still reeally critical. One of the surgeons told us there was a 50% chance he might die tonight or in the next few days. My parents,my aunt and uncles and my uncles son's were praying the rosary the whole time in the interview room. They said they couldn't operate because of the morphine which thinned the blood so if they operated there was chance he might bleed to death.

Anyways off the depressing subjects...met tyra at the hospital...tried telling them ghost stories but they ran off covering their ears going 'lalalala' lol stupid looking if you ask me that. T yra is my niece she's pri six this year. My generation the youngest is ten which is my siter and the oldest i think is 42 which is my godfather.

Well signing off,


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