Sunday, August 26, 2007

you know something....i have to keep reminding myself i have my blog but it never occurs to me until log off. Then i'll be in bed and i'll go 'Oh Shit forgot to update AGAIN!' Scare my sisters once when i said that out loud. They screamed i started screaming and then mum and dad come in and they ask us to shut

YAY!!Me and fatez are talking again...i'm so happy i could fly...on second thought i'm not THAT happy. Lol Listening to this cascada song forgot what the name was it's untitled...oh wait...i know it's ready for so forgetful i have to get myself a new brain...:p

Well right now i feel like a duck cause of my period. it's like really heavy and my stomach cramps that i got back at lee anne's house are back with a vengence...arrrggg...i don't see why other people don't get cramps but i have to get thier supposed pain times ten..

Anyway going to watch the fruit basket anime...i know fate you don like animes but i love them with all my heart lol

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