Friday, September 14, 2007

haixxx...i'm telling you this whole week has been like some kind of Korean Drama minus the number of guys cause in a girls school you don't have guys which is kinda obvious to everyone readin this.

Before all this happened, fatima wrote in her blog that all the projects we had, she had to do all by herself. I stare at it right now see that this is the bloody cause of the whole drama so i'm not pinning in on anyone...the person guilty in this senario will know who it is.

Okay Tuesday, Fatima says that she's gonna go to sleep right after she goes home and then cause she's free but she says she's going to mosque...won't anyone one the whole world think that's she lying i mean i did.

Wednesday, Siying tells everybody in the class what;s going on and fatima says we're talking behind her back but to add a fun note to this...we were literally behind she goes all coward-like and goes to miss marten and the whooole thing gets blown out of propotion and i get called to the principals office cause i was a witness or what not and i say what i think. Siying is crying and i can tell why she is but fatima, i think...repeat's an act.

Yesterday, she didn't come everything quieten down so nothing wrong goes arounf the class.

Today, siying tells me that on fatima's friends blogs they say that we're bullies and i say to siying..." How the heck did they find out" Siying replies "Must be fatima telling them" I say " they don't have the right to call us bullies at all i mean their not even from our school but hey that is so like her to stoop so low to get sympathy"

So tell me who do you think started all this fighting? Who's the bully and who's not. She thinks she royalty but hello this is life.,..not fantasy.

Signing off,

Stacy Kessler

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