Friday, May 18, 2007 tired...just got back from cca and let me tell you SJAB is not pleasnt especially with all the foot legs still omg. Today we had this really weird day me and fate were trying to figure out the LWD theme song and she was like putting in words she THOUGHT were right...i was like laughing the whole way...after that dim witted inccident we went to watch this vid called A Mother's Worst Fear...Like Omg i was so scared larh the girl almost got raped sia i was like covering my eyes the whole way my heart beating at a frightening rate.

As if that's not enough, my science showed this Childbirth and Abortion. The childbirth one was kinda gross i mean was so gross. The abortion vid was so scarring. Called 'The Silent Scream' so sad larh...they showed the pictures of the aborted baby in small cylinders i was like eww..some of them looked kinda like intestines...some still had their heads but the expression on the baby's face was sad..

Today CCA was nothing compared to the last trainings...i had the flu and i started having my cramps...i mean add those together i was in utter agony...almost fainted. One tip to a person who wants to join the Ambulance Brigade...drink as much water as possible..

IT's me saying Ciao($+@cY)

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