Monday, May 21, 2007

Today was horrifying. In malay class we watched this video. This woman named ismi she's like a spoiled brat always bossing her mum around than one day her mum is like really sick and her lips were practically white but the daughter still asked her to continue her household chores and i felt like slappin her who could do that to her mother. They gave you life for god's sake. Yea so back to the story...this ismi is like money obssesed so she owes this loan shark about ten million. So when the loan sharks ask her where the money was she said she would pay the next day but they were so unhappy they kicked her in the chest. They say that if you kick of put pressure on your chest on the exact place your whole body would weaken so that's what happened to her. I was so scared, after that when she did wake up, you could see the maggots under her skin. Her stomach became muslim friends told me that if you don't respect your parents all the time you sin will make your stomach bigger.

I will never ever disobey my parents ever again man, i swear i will always i repeat i swear i will never disrespect them ever again...haiiizzz

Signing off


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