Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Haiiz today was like boring..All we did was do correction for our exams and watch this show i watched like a million times. After school when walking to the bustop i accidentally tripped and fell...the normal day...yep

Came home with clarissa, rachel, siying and juntian. Clarissa and Rach were talking about their darhlings amelia and joycelyn. I say their crooked but they say that they just like the same gender and i was like isn't that the same?

Right now my dad's kinda sick it's making my stomach churn. He says he's so cold and he's using at aleast three layers of blankets on and all the windows closed and the fan switched off...i'm so scared my hands are all jittery...god help him

Anyways to a subject that's not so depressing. My sister is having a class party tommorow so i asked her if i could join but she said no...*SOB*

Lol i'm signing of


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