Thursday, May 24, 2007

Today was like the student leaders investiture. Fatima, afiqah and faustine went on stage to get their badges. When fatima and afiqah went on stage there wasn't any screwups but when it came to faustine's turn i was like omg. When she walked up to the stage when she was going up her the stage she tripped. Felt so sad for her but when she got back to class she was laughing her head off about it or at least that's what i heard from someone.

Aisha stained her skirt second time in three days...sad case lar she.

Came home did nothing much downloaded limewire. Well that's about it that happened to me.

also learnt a new word...amorous...latin word for love or lust never knew i would learn languages from history class..

Signing off


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