Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Today i decided to join the Character Development Council then i ask myself do i want more responsiblity and i say to myself...NAH! Never like responisibilty or commitment. m

We watched charlotte's web during drama today and took loads of pictures from so many angles. Than Fat jo came in and i decided i didn't want to have my things confiscated.

For maths we did correctios again...boring i felt depressed and said to myself i want it to rain and guess what it starts pouring i'm telling i was so freaked out..

Today fatima is having this student leader investiture thingy and i was laughing at how nervous she was saying she was afraid she might have fell of the stage...stupid i felt like choking her i mean seriously what are the chances you would screw up? one in a hundred right...well nvm

Buh-bye then


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