Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Today going aunty chris house for prayers for uncle benerd. Clarissa finally found my uncle's picture in the obituary(sp?). She was like abit hysterical laughing when i told her she found

Tyra most probably going also maybe that's why i'm going. Hope Timber come and jump on me when i go to the house. That dog is really big kinda scary but as they always say. It's bark is scarier than it's bite or something along the lines of that.

Reading a book called Soon Be Free by Lois Ruby. It's on my recomendation list you should seriously read it. Abt something like the firebird House sounds magical something like a phoenix.

Listening to Best Damn Thing now reading a dramione fic. Got to thank Fate for introducing it to me. Oh yea Lee anne you reading this? Sorry bout the hate entry...please forgive me don't be angry hor?

Stayed back for extra curriculom today threw a paperball into the ceiling fan it didn't rip like how i thought it would...Played tic tac toe wif clarissa she won and i feel so stupid...damn i suck.

Sighnig Off


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