Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Today some weird Australian School came. I think it was Chrisholm College from Australia. All my friends were practically drooling over them. Okay...i was in the toilet and then this australian girl came out of no where and i thought exchange student. Then when i came out of the toilet one whole herd of band people came and i had to wait kinda long till i could get to class and read my storybook.
Fate said and i quote "Oh my god that president of the band is utterly delicious and fecking hot" whatever fecking means...lol.

I tell you since their so boy crazy i don't see why they can't just go and to a mixed school it'd help evrybody since the others actually want to study.

Kinship is on...lynn stood yingjun up....YES!!!lol too good. hehe...

I'm really in pain i have and ulcer in my mouth and one of my tooth is coming out...wahhh i can't eat chocolate for now...NOOO!!

Signing off


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