Thursday, July 12, 2007

Couldn't update cause i was doing my homework...yet again...I'm behind already!!! Football on tv right now. I will never be able to get how my father and uncle enjoy this game. It's just a bunch of sweaty guys running around kicking the ball into goal post. Reading Ashwinder yipee!!Love that ship.

I'm bored...

My uncle right now is on Life support...last night his blood pressure dropped dangerously low that they had to give extra dosage...just got told abt this. Kids in my family nvr get information till it's really late. The hospital is saying that if tonight the blood pressure drops they'll just let him go. How is it they can do that?

Haixx...right now my heartbeat is beating at dangerous speeds. Thumping like wild.

Tommorow going to the hospital...IF he's still alife that is...


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