Friday, July 13, 2007

Today was Passing out Parade and i am all to thankful to Amelia and Ms Ros for letting me be the cameraman.. urm...woman. My platoon was probably standing there at sedia position for abt one and a half so sad for them. Audrey got the most outstanding Sec1 girl in the was too good. Should have seen her face it was like absolute terror and she was shivering as she recieved the price.
Wanted to go the hospital today but my god damn dad doesn't allow me. They're treating me like a kid again!!! They promised not to!! God i'm so fustrated!!!

Listening to Stupid Girls by Pink. It's actually very true. Whatsup wif the god damn bulimia and anorexia. They really are really stupid to think all guys go for outer body...okay wrong thing to say...ALL guys DO go for looks but seriously i find it stupid that girls should go to great lenghts just to impress guys...BIMBOTIC ATTACK!!!


Signing off....

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