Thursday, July 19, 2007

Today was so horrid. Seems like me and the clique aren't getting back. You know the one time i go home with Rachel they call me a Traitor. Actually i don't mind anybody except for that dim witted lee anne. If your reading this lee deserve it. I mean you talk to her too you know?

Rachel and Shane and me went to the library today. Played com for awhile. Hoping Rachel will come with me and shane to the NLB this coming Tuesday. Shane wants to see the guys at the skatepark which myself find horrible looking just to be truthful.

Oh well listening to Click Five's Just the girl. Reading fanfic on ashwinder...AGAIN!

Lol anyway tommorow have SJAB. Wonder what we're gonna do now that jocelyn's the new CSM.

Anyways signing off,


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