Tuesday, August 28, 2007

listening to Miracle by Cascada. Playing Popomundo now you should play it....lol it's really addictive.

Music class watched Phantom of The Opera. I guess it's a nice storyline but kinda confusing especially for people like clarissa and lee anne who insist on asking me what was going on so i was like 'sssshhhh'. Asked Fate to lend me the Storybook so i can see what happenes in the end. Wished i went for the musical but mummy said the tickets were too expensive so....haiixxx

English class today was hilarious. Aisha had to read and she went 'la' ,'Lor' and even 'aiyoh which probaly lost us about what? Fifteen points. So after glady's was reading she was like reading her notebook saying all the big words...which were i might add so wrongly pronounced so we were all laughing and you should have seen Mr lee's face it was like so red it made me want to laugh some more.

Going to my uncle's mass cause it's the forthieth day since he passed away. Charlene's not going cause she's studying for the standard test that's tommorow so i was like 'I don't even study for those stupid test'. Stephanny can't go cause she failed her malay exam by one mark. Sad for her sia.

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