Wednesday, August 29, 2007

There's something wrong with my Computer it's way too Lagg i think there's a virus so i guess i'll to run that fifteen minute search then i can't use the computer cause you play during the scan you have to close all other programes wonder why though.

During Dance class today we were like watching the second part of Honey. The ending was kinda abrupt so i was's not a happy ending aww Except for the part where the concert was like was s sucess.

Have to do this stupid english graded assignment which is due after the sept hols so i'm going to do it on the last minute like always.

During English class today i had to do that stupid speech and I got called up first so i was like 'Aww man i'm so cursed today' Called fate and the gang retarded and they kinda proved my point at the Cafe. Talking about aliens or something like

Reading a Fic on Ashwinder called 'His Infamous Red Quill' fOR SNAPE/HERMIONE shippers you have to read it and kinda inside out with hermione liking kinky romance books lol.

So anyways signing off

Stacy Kessler

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