Sunday, August 12, 2007

okay its official i am now liking scorpious/rose ships....their so like cool cause scorpious could be rose's friend or could be worst enemy kinda cool!!!

Well in my aunts place in simei i think i just saw one of the campus superstar guys....well maybe not cause i don't watch that stupid show. No offense to the producers so don't go sueing me please. I mean i'm allowed to have my own opinions right?

Reading A rose/scorpious fic it's like absouloutly dreamy with rose having a brother and him walking in on them when scorpious 'accidentally' kissed too good.

Tommorrow is monday the end of the kinda long national day holiday still haven't finish my math homework on graphs...

Fatima chihuahed me yesterday. First time she called she shouted in my ears so i couldn't hear her so she called again but this time i said chihuahua to her it was kinda hilarious the way she tried to xall me back to swear at

Anyways signing off,


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