Wednesday, August 1, 2007

This is boring. I'm stayiing at home feeling sick i think i'm having a relapse of that nasty bug. My heads heavy and my throat's sore. Help me through this please.

Yesterday went to school everybody teased me cause that stupid science teacher went around screaming where i was and now everybody says he likes me. I feel really freaked out by this.

Fatima won't stop going on and on about it. She says it's me and 'My Chemical Romance' welll this is really scary fell like changing school but sekali he come to that school than i know what my friends are telling the truth. Oh man i don't like science anymore.

There's this news on some murder on the tv the boyfriend is one of the suspects to the killing which is maybe why this is knida scary for me.

The nail polish i'm using is chipping feel like a bimbo right now talking about my chipping nail polish lol! Saw Fraser and some of his nerd-looking friends on the bus. Not my words my sisters.

Signing off


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