Saturday, September 8, 2007 was my dance project rehearsal. It was really fun except we went in circles in TM to find stuff to take pistures of so my legs are probably going to cramp up tommorow.We finished the routine already only left the theory part of the project...

Posted a something you guys should read i find it really touching. It on the left right to the bottom you can see that really long paragraph there...go read it and if it's possible try reposting it...Found it on from 'Black-Rose23's account i find it really true...not that i'm gay or something but on second thought i can't be gay i mean...i'm a girl for gad's sake lol...well lightening up the mood.

Listening to Give it up to me by Sean Paul feat. keyshia cole. We're using this for the dance project if they don't change from it at the last minute so yea...

Well signing off,

P.S. for all those offended from the post thingy at the bottom...well it's knida true i mean you shouldn't be homophobic, god chooses who you fall in love with so just go with the flow

Stacy Kessler

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