Thursday, September 20, 2007

TODAY WAS LIKE BLACK THURSDAY REPEATED ON MY LIFE. My hands are hurting my head is throbbing and i am really panicked.

First hands hurting yea we were playing floorball then when playing, which was very really rough, yea sam went and hit me with the stick, by accident of course but it's really painful...waaaaahhh!!

Throbbing head. Homework, revision and unfinished projects that were due like a week before haiixxx.

Panicked you might ask why right. Mrs Joseph threathened to bring the case to the freakin police oh no!! what am i going to do i mean my parents don't even know anout it la i feel so freakin panicked. What if they find out their going to kill me and probably kill me.

0kay i'm bored so far. i am so freakin bored. Bye bye

Signing Off

Stacy Kessler

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