Sunday, September 30, 2007

TOMMORROW EXAMS OH NO!!!lol actually i'm fine with that can't be the least bit bothered. okay maybe a little nervous but hey exams should be cancelled cause in one exam you chop down 150 trees and now i'm an

Joni introduced me to a new anime. Lovely Complex. Not really new but hey it's new to me isn't it? Bout this girl named risa, she's really tall like 172cm, which if you ask me isn't so quite tall, who fall in love with a guy who's like 158. Something like joni's romance i have to say.Lol. Good Luck with yours joni. Make the first move!

Well i'm watching it now and also writing this so i'll ne going back to watching it now. so ciao darhlings.

Stacy Kessler

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