Saturday, September 1, 2007

Watching A Bug's Life now. Got pop princess stuck in my head which is playing over and over again. Reading an Ashwinder fic right now.

Today me and Natalie had a twenty minute discussion on what i was supposed to do and where we were going to meet. We're gonna meet at my place on this coming friday where we'll do the dance theory and after about two and a half hours we're gonna go to Tampines Mall so we can take pics for the theory part of the project. Going to seventy-seventh street so we can but the props from there and picture of the store for the project.

I have another project. For science and music at lee anne's place on wednesday. I like her house it's big and really comfortable to do stuff like project cause we're gonna be sitting on the floor for more then five hours at least.

Well never knew secondary two had so many projects i mean mrs ng says there's gonna be more when we go into polythechnic so i was like...okay i am so not going to poly...maybe JC but she said it'll be even worst cause JC standard is like secondary but ten times worst.

Well enough of my whining,

Sighning Off,

Stacy Kessler

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