Friday, August 31, 2007

Today was so damn bloody hilarious. We had this teacher's day celebration and we got half a day and i was like YES!! I'M SO GONNA BE A TEACHER NEXT TIME. Lol the teachers were the best. They performed to the song We're all this together and they were like so...good?. I said it was pontetial blackmail material for my english, maths, history,Art, Re, Science teachers.

Yep anyway after the celbration me and fate like left for the tampines library and i borrowed three books. Vodka, Accidental It and i can't remeber the other

We were leaving the library and then fate saw a group of malays and she was like 'can we go the next bus stops' and i was like why? And she was like' for obvious reasons' and i have to tell her the reason wasn't that obvious i only got it when i reached home.

Right now listening to the teriyaki boys. Reading an ashwinder fic and push pop lol that was kinda sick...

Sighning off

Stacy Kessler

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