Thursday, September 6, 2007

well today was...intresting i guess. My family had this family day out so it was kinda weird cause it was like in the middle of the week like thursday i mean come on?

Lol anyway my two younger sisters got their new handphone and right now i'm having a great time playing the computer while they 'explore' their handphones as they say

Haixx...i'm going to have to go for SJAB tommorow so i was like nooo!! why?!? I mean it's called school holidays for a reason i mean what does holidays mean to you. It means to stay at home infront of the computer or the tv while eating alot of junk food and have five hour talks with my cousins and chihuahua-ing friends well at least that what i think should happen i mean when everyone's so realxed you call, they think you want to talk so when you chihuahua them their going to be blur for at least half an hour until her brain catches on.

Well saw mr lee in TM today. Kinda horrifying cause i was like dragging my mum into the starhub store when she said she needed to go to the toilet so i rolled my eye and caught sight of him. Thought i saw him then i swung my head so fast that mr lee had his eyebrow arched.I waved and it went Well then kinda weird seeing a teacher out of his or her natural habitat.

Watched Evan Almighty, i tripped on the staircase in the theater spilled some on some strange guy and he was like laughing at me so i was like so embrassing...then i started laughing... i got up and said 'i'm okay' and then walked to my my freinds you might think 'Typical' but this was kinda embarasiing so when we go back to school you better console me.

So now i'm signin off.

Stacy Kessler

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