Monday, November 12, 2007

haizz...well just came back from batam and guess what i came down with the flu there. I told my parents i am never going to any other country outside of singapore even if my life depended on it.

Last year when my family went back to phillipines for a visit i caught the flu which stuck to me for a whole week and on that week i was totally missing out on all the fun.

Batam...well first two days went smoothly. I went parasailing and also jet skiing. Both were kinda nice. I mean the jet skiing part was more on the hilarious side...i hit into a bouey and i was like 'that porbably shouldn't have happened.'. Only on the last day then i got sick so well not that bad but on the way back the sea was like really chalky cause it was raining quite heavily and the ferry was like moving this side that side and guess what happened...i threw up.

Haizz...what a day. Today's that class chalet the whole class has been planning since i don't know when and i'm quite excited though i'm kinda weirded out seeing as the teachers are going to be there cause theywere invited. It's like seeing rhino's walking on two feet in the middle of tampines mall. So out of their habitat.No offense of course.

Well i'm gonna be meeting clarissa at WS at 2pm so we can go and hunt for that chalet well ciao then

Signing off,

Stacy Kessler

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