Friday, December 7, 2007


lol haven't updated in a very long time cause i was busy doing nothing. Okay maybe not nothing. I've been playing Audition and last sunday was my sisters birthday and all her badminton friends came. On saturday it was a small family gathering...okay maybe not exactly small if you have to say cause there was like too many people running around to count.

Soooo..Anchal and Tyra got into sports school, i feel so jealous but at the same time so thankful cause they have like two to three trainings every week and everyone knows i am a lazy bum when it come's to CCA.

Well they were on and on about some scandal between a guy named nicholas and some other girl and another girl named audrey which kinda confused me cause there are so many people in the picture and they kept adding more people to the whole story so i totally tuned out after the first fifteen minutes.

After the talking we went to the beach. So fun!! We were like running away from the tides and people kept staring at us looking at us like we were It was fun though seeing as it's one of the last times seeing them...i tink...maybe not...okay sorry if i'm so confusing it's just in my nature.XDDD

Well then doing nothing kinda helps...been going for guitar lessons so cool the teacher he's like damn fast but we actually get what he's talking about and we're actually quite fast we learnt all six strings in five lessons...=DDD

okok i'm probably boring you now so ciao!!

Stacy Kessler

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