Thursday, August 30, 2007

Today was i'm kidding mysewlf with using all this freakin big words. Don't know why i can't pull it off if glady's can i mean...come on... During Drama Mr Quah a.k.a Mr Lee's ex gay partner(if any of you all are redaing this...well lol!) Fixed my Printer...AT LAST!!

Had english enrichment today. Our class dead as usual. Except for aisha she's forever hyper maybe it's somekind of ADHD or something that mutated lol cause she's really how to say...jumpy?

People in my class said that the teachers went to the arcade and this is what i said. "I heard bout this like yesterday" Lol i think they catch on really slowly.

When to the nursing home today, couldn't find joanne, who is the psychologiost there... well at least i think it's a shrink lol. She had an off day today so there wern't any activities except for the usual mahjong in the room.

Oh yea just remebered somthing. Fate likes my cousin lol too good i wanna laugh then again they might be a perfect match considering how diffrent they are.

Sighning off

Stacy Kessler

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